What is ABA

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is the scientific approach to the study of behavior. ABA uses the scientific method to predict, shape and changebehavior. It uses specific practices and principles that should be used by all ABA practitioners. ABA is a application of behaviorism, a scientific study, on the world around us. It is not a treatment style but rather the empirically validated ability to make socially significant changes in behavior in our environment. There are many different approaches to ABA that have been developed since the start of this science. These approaches differ in some of their focus but all use the same principles of ABA.


Achieve’s Application of ABA


At Achieve our focus is using the principles of ABA to create an individual intervention plan for patients and their family. We use the different approaches in ABA such as Discrete Trial Training, Pivotal Response Training and Functional Communication Training depending on the needs of our patients. Achieve ensures that each of our intervention plans identifies the needs of the patient, their areas of weakness that need strengthening and their strengths that should continue to be supported. Achieve works with infants in our early intervention program, school age children and teens through our ABA program and strives to support Adults in our Work Opportunities and Job Skills Training application of ABA.