About Us

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Achieve Behavioral Associates is a behavioral agency dedicated to making socially significant change in the lives of the families we work with.  Achieve is based in the greater Los Angeles Area and in Inyo, Mono, and Kern Counties. The clinical team of Achieve believes in a team and community approach, using resources within your family and the community to help your loved one Achieve all that they can. Our staff are dedicated people who have a passion for working with individuals with unique needs. Our agency subscribes to the best practice model of evidence-based Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). The techniques of ABA can assist individuals from every age group and skill set.



Achieve is committed to provide quality services that improve the lives of children and families who have unique needs.

Achieve Behavioral Associates are committed to using evidence based practices that are provided in a team format with other support services such as speech, occupational, psychological services and physical therapy.

Achieve believes that the foundation of improvement in the skills sets and quality of life for the individual who is in need is rooted in the family. This foundation necessitates the family as an integral part of the treatment team and the intervention plan. The participation of the family improves the outcome of the treatment plan and establishes a life change to support the needs of the individual with needs.